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Bioresonance Therapy in Medical Center in Istanbul/Fatih
▸ Painless
▸ No side effects
▸ Short term
▸ Drug Free
▸ Economic
▸ Natural
▸ Personalized
▸ Effective
▸ It is a treatment aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease.

Communication between the cells of a healthy organism is harmonious when each cell performs its task correctly. When poisons, viruses and bacteria, air pollution, drugs, radiation, etc. affect our body, they disrupt the harmonious vibrational communication between cells. First, our organs begin to suffer from chronic fatigue. Bioresonance therapy can restore distorted vibrations. The vibrations improve, so that the disease disappears.

By focusing on the acupuncture points, bioresonance can also solve the blockages and the diseases caused by the blockage are thus eliminated.

All body structures vibrate at different frequencies. Toxins, parasites, viruses, fungi also have different frequencies. Distortions of vibration frequency due to allergens, toxins, microorganisms, injuries, etc. under the influence will cause the human body to regulate the overload of the electromagnetic system and cause diseases. Bioresonance provides healing by eliminating foreign body frequencies harmful to the body and correcting metabolism and body systems.

It separates healthy and disease-causing electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cells, tissues and organs in our body. It then brings these frequencies back into the body by reversing, amplifying or combining and modifying these frequencies as needed for healing. The negative effects of allergies, chemicals, parasites, fungal infections, and strong electromagnetic fields are eliminated. Energy flow pathways are made clear when the frequencies associated with these factors are eliminated. Activating the system normally prevents and treats some existing and potential existing diseases.

The success rate of bioresonance therapies is roughly 90%, though it can vary depending on the patient’s psychological and social circumstances and the severity of the disease.

Bioresonance treatments usually take 1 hour. It is applied once a week. Although the number of sessions varies according to the disease or the patient’s condition, it is between 1 and 8 sessions. Regular intervals between therapies are very important for success in a short time.

While bioresonance treatments continue:
▸ Drinking plenty of water is necessary to increase conductivity.
▸ It is necessary to minimize electromagnetic impact of mobile phones, computers, etc.
▸ In some diseases, special nutrition programs may be recommended for the disease and the individual.
▸ It is recommended not to drink coffee or alcohol 6 hours before and after some sessions.

Bioresonance therapy has been used for many years as an effective alternative treatment for smoking cessation. The therapy registers specific vibrations in the body’s cells, organs and tissues. The process then detects the disruptive electromagnetic patterns that smoking causes in the body. After recognizing these patterns, the device converts the oscillations into therapeutic therapy, which is then sent back to the patient. As a result, all the harmful toxins produced by smoking in the body, including nicotine, are completely depleted. With this regimen, nicotine is eliminated from the system and subsequent nicotine cravings are reduced. Many patients can quit smoking in the first treatment session. The session generally lasts an hour and helps people who have smoked for many years.

After the session, it should be excreted with sweat and urine. Drinking plenty of water, frequent sauna-bath, sweating, etc. is important for toxin excretion.
It is recommended to drink 2-3 liters (8-10 glasses) of water daily (40 ml per kg).

Over the past few years, bioresonance therapy has shown promising results when used to treat allergic symptoms in patients who choose this alternative treatment option.

Bioresonance treatments are cause-oriented and permanent. Allergic skin lesions, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, food allergies, allergic eczema can be treated.

In addition, complaints such as “masked, allergy symptoms”, forgetfulness, fatigue, constipation, gas, bloating, colitis, cystitis, migraine, depression, hyperactivity, fibromyalgia are also greatly improved.

It occurs when the immune system perceives a harmless nutrient as a harmful substance. It produces IgE immunoglobulin antibodies against that nutrient in the body. When he eats that food, symptoms of intolerance occur.

Wheat allergy:

▸ Neurodermatitis on the skin
▸ Chronic bronchitis
▸ Asthma
▸ Colitis in the gut
▸ Crohn’s
▸ Chronic fatigue
▸ May cause joint pain

Gluten intolerance:

▸ Bloating
▸ Headache, migraine
▸ Allergy
▸ Eczema
▸ Constipation or diarrhea
▸ Abdominal pain
▸ Psoriasis
▸ Depression-anxiety
▸ Autoimmune diseases
▸ Anemia
▸ Muscle and joint pain
▸ Numbness in arms and legs
▸ Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness


▸ Ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome
▸ Crohn’s disease
▸ Restless legs syndrome
▸ Fibromyalgia
▸ Diabetes
▸ Hashimoto
▸ Joint rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis
▸ Skin rash (dermatitis herpetiformis)
▸ Osteoporosis
▸ Liver failure, Reflux
▸ Depression, Psychological disorder

Lactose allergy:

▸ Nausea, vomiting
▸ Cramping abdominal pain
▸ Diarrhea
▸ Bloating-Gas
▸ Urticaria-Eczema
▸ Edema on the face and eyelids
▸ Asthma can cause allergic rhinitis

The bioresonance device sends healthy frequencies to the cells.  As a result, it improves communication between various cells and neural pathways.
It provides cause-oriented treatment in diseases such as neuralgia, migraine, headache, restless legs syndrome. Bioresonance greatly supports the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Bioresonance therapy affects at the cellular level. The bioresonance device improves communication between different cells and nerve pathways by sending healthy frequencies to the cells. In rheumatoid arthritis, areas affected by rheumatism are stimulated with bioresonance frequencies. Disease activity decreases, pain and stiffness in the joints decrease.
It is important to protect the patient from stress and infection.

Toxic substances that we consume through our food, water, air, pesticides, hormones, petroleum wastes, cleaning products, dry cleaning products, and heavy metals reduce our body’s ability to resist disease and can result in hormonal imbalances, nervous system disorders, fatigue, weakness, and forgetfulness as well as chronic illnesses like cancer and diseases of the muscles and joints. Mental and physical stresses also have a toxic effect. It is possible to prevent and get rid of the disease by cleaning these toxic toxins.

▸ Stress
▸ Sugar consumption,
▸ Antibiotics,
▸ As a result of eating animal meat that has consumed excessive antibiotics, a suitable environment for the development of Candida albicans is created.

Restlessness in the legs, the desire to move, numbness, tingling, and therefore difficulty falling asleep. 33% of restless legs syndromes are genetic.

Also with bioresonance:
▸ Irritable colon syndrome
▸ Ulcerative colitis treatment
▸ Celiac treatment
▸ Excessive sweating
▸ Treatment of menopause complaints
▸ Depression – panic attack treatment
▸ Enuresis (incontinence) treatment
▸ Eating disorder
▸ Anorexia nervosa treatment
▸ Fatigue – Weakness
▸ Insomnia
▸ Anxiety treatment
▸ Strengthening immunity
▸ Obesity treatment
▸ Pain treatment
▸ Migraine – Headache
▸ Joint diseases – rheumatism – arthritis
▸ Neck and waist hernias
▸ Disorders such as sports injuries

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