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What is CGF-CD34, how is it made, and what does it do?

After the blood taken from the subject is divided into its constituent parts by centrifugation with four different giants, the layer containing platelets, leukocytes, various growth factors, and cytokines (a group of proteins and peptides that allow cells to communicate with one another) is known as CGF-CD34.

Platelets called CD34 in the blood;
– In blood coagulation,
– They play a role in the healing and repair of tissues.
They also secrete growth factors that trigger the growth, proliferation, rejuvenation of cells, repair of damaged tissues and natural healing processes.

Normally, blood platelets (thrombocytes) move to damaged tissue and initiate the healing process. Our body does not perceive the aging process as an abrupt trauma (injury) because it is a relatively slow process, so it does not direct the restructuring cells to areas where they are not required.

Apart from anti-aging purposes, it is also used in musculoskeletal diseases, healing of injured areas, treatment of wounds and burns and hair loss.

How is CGF-CD34 applied?

A sample of the person’s blood is taken first. Then, using unique separation techniques, concentrated growth factors are produced. The application area is cleaned with disinfectant and local anesthetic creams are applied.

Obtained plasma:
– Direct injection,
– Mesotherapy,
– Micro needling ,
– In the mask,
– It can be applied on the wounds.
The application takes a total of 30-45 minutes with the preparation.

Cases when CGF-CD34 applications are used

– Treatment of fibromyalgia, clubfoot and sprain
– Joint calcifications (knee, hip, shoulder, ankle)
– In cartilage and bone calcifications (gonarthrosis and patella tendinitis)
– Joint, ligament and muscle injuries
– Meniscus injuries and tears
– On the heel spur
– In waist and neck hernias
– Wound and burn treatments (diabetic foot, treatment of non-healing wounds and burns)
– Chronic low back and neck pain
– Inflammatory muscle diseases and rheumatic diseases
– In muscle-connective tissue adhesions
– Skin adhesions and thickening
– It can be used in the treatment of hair loss.

Aesthetic applications of CGF-CD34:

Our skin ages in tandem with chronological aging. Chronic and extremely slow aging are both factors. Many genetic and environmental factors play a role in this process, and tissue repair mechanisms do not know this process very well. As a result, when performing practices aimed at regenerating our skin, we attempt to mimic what our body does when it heals a wound.
By using CGF-CD34, we actually help the body’s ability to heal itself. For this reason, we actively provide these repair cells under the skin during this ongoing process even though they are not intended for the skin.

What parts of the skin can be treated with CGF-CD34 aesthetic applications?

– Face
– Neck
– Decollete
– Hands
– Hair
– Leg cellulite areas
– Wrinkle
– Sagging
– Anti-aging
– Scar treatment
– Lifting effect
– Crack treatment
– Applicable for hair loss

How many sessions of CGF-CD34 aesthetic application are required?

As in PRP treatment, it is recommended to apply 3 sessions with 2-3 week intervals.
In some special cases, the number of sessions can be increased to 4-6.
For people under the age of 35-45, 3 sessions of cures once a year are sufficient. Over the age of 45, it can be applied in the form of 2 courses every 6 months. For some people, it is sufficient to repeat the cures once in 2 years.

When does CGF-CD34 esthetic effect start and how long does it last?

– CGF-CD34 results are usually slow, but permanent.
– Although the benefits are usually seen after the first injection, the full effectiveness becomes noticeable after the 3rd session.

Verimlilik aşağıdaki durumlarda azalır:
– During menopause
– Smoking, alcohol use
– In malnutrition
– Poor sleep patterns
– When not protected from the sun and ultraviolet rays

In many scientific studies, it is stated that the success rate is 80-85%.

What are the aesthetic advantages of CGF-CD34?

– No external chemicals or drugs are applied
– It is a natural composition obtained from one’s own blood
– No allergies or other side effects
– There is no risk of infectious disease
– It is a short-term application
– The effect starts in a short time
– The effect is permanent and long-lasting
– The application is easy and practical
– Does not require hospital-operating room conditions

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