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Hypnosis Treatment is definitely not a state of sleep.
Hypnosis is not a process where things are not remembered and forgotten.
It is not a special state of mind where the person loses control and passes out.

Hypnosis can be used in different areas:

Psychology-Psychiatry: It is possible to treat with hypnosis for problems such as mild depression, anxiety, stuttering, tics, finger sucking, nail biting, sleep disorders.

Dermatology: In skin diseases of psychosomatic origin, it is used to determine the reason of the disease and to treat the dermatology disorders.

Education: It is possible with hypnotherapy techniques to facilitate learning, increase concentration, make it easier to remember what has been learned, control exam anxiety and excitement.

In what cases is hypnosis used?

– Depression
– Anxiety anxiety disorders), post-traumatic stress syndrome
– Panic attack
– Obesity
– Smoking addiction
– Some muscle and joint diseases (such as fibromyalgia)
– Phobia treatments
– Enuresis nocturna (night urination)

A person cannot be hypnotized if he does not want to. A hypnotized person cannot do anything by force. People with high intellectual abilities and strong character are more successful in therapy.

What are the Required Qualifications (Certificate, Education, etc.) of the Person Who Applies this Method?
As stated in the 16.10.2015 hypnosis regulation of the Ministry of Health, the persons who will apply hypnosis: they must be a doctor, dentist or clinical psychologist.

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