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What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy treatment is the technique of applying vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes to the middle layer of the skin by micro-injection. The substances to be injected are selected in accordance with the treatment goals.

In which cases is mesotherapy applied?

▸ Skin aging
▸ Spot treatment, sun spots
▸ Skin cracks
▸ Cellulite
▸ Weight loss
▸ Hair loss
▸ Under-eye bruises and under-eye bags
▸ Allergies
▸ Sports injuries
▸ Vitiligo (pigment deficiency in the skin)
▸ Acute and chronic pain
▸ Fibromyalgia

Features of mesotherapy?

In mesotherapy, a small amount of medication is given directly to the problem area by microinjection method. In this way, the problem is solved without causing a systemic effect and maximum benefit is obtained from the treatment.

Side effects of mesotherapy?

Temporary redness and bruising may occur at the injection site. This is not a problem because these effects disappear within 1-2 days.

Mesotherapy response period

Although the response to the treatment depends on the severity of the conditions (the age of the person and the skin structure), the effect usually begins to be seen after the 2nd or 3rd session.

What should be paid attention to after mesotherapy?

Before and after mesotherapy, drugs that dilute blood, such as aspirin, should not be used. After the mesotherapy, the application area should not be touched with water for about 10-15 hours. It is recommended not to wear tight-fitting trousers such as jeans and tight trousers.

Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a method that provides hair growth and can also be used as a treatment for baldness. It prevents hair loss by providing the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the scalp. Mesotherapy also accelerates cell metabolism, destroys infections and increases the speed of blood circulation in the scalp.

It is usually applied 6 months after the hair transplant and future hair loss is prevented by caring for and strengthening the newly grown hair strands.

Depending on the patient’s problem, 4-10 sessions are performed in weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

Facial mesotherapy (mesolifting)

Sun damage and collagen loss combine to impair the skin’s fullness and appearance. In face mesotherapy, the drugs are mixed in small amounts and given directly into and under the skin. With mesotherapy, the skin can benefit from effective ingredients in a short time.

Mesolifting is an extremely effective anti-aging treatment. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, provides rejuvenation, tightening and brightness. After facial mesotherapy, the skin looks fresher and more rested. The skin becomes brighter.

The skin is cleaned and disinfected before the application. Anesthetic cream can be applied half an hour before the procedure.

Facial mesotherapy is initially applied at intervals of 1-4 weeks. On average, 4-6 sessions can be performed.

Cellulite mesotherapy

Cellulite is a circulatory disorder that can be seen in men and women of all ages. The problem usually occurs after the lymph drainage problem due to hormonal factors. Substances injected under the skin with mesotherapy regulate the blood flow and lymphatic circulation in the cellulite area, dissolve the fat deposits, and finally fix the hardened connective tissue.

Local reduction of body fat

Mesotherapy is offered as an alternative treatment to liposuction in the removal of regional fat in the abdomen, waist, arms and legs. Provides the destruction of the fat tissue in the injection area. If the treatment is supplemented with diet and exercise, the results will last longer than usual.

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