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What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a colorless, caustic natural gas composed of three oxygen atoms. Ozone plays an important role in the stratospheric layer as a filter for harmful ultraviolet rays.

Ozone therapy is a treatment method in which the patient is given a mixture of ozone gas and oxygen in appropriate concentrations and quantities.

Ozone Therapy Application Methods

Gaseous ozone is never used in its pure form, but is used after mixing with oxygen. In such a mixture, ozone does not exceed 5%. There is no ordinary atmospheric air in such a mixture.

Major autohemotherapy: 50-200 ml of blood is taken from the patient’s vein, this blood is mixed with an ozone-oxygen mixture. The resulting mixture is administered to the patient.
Rectal insufflation: A mixture of ozone and oxygen is injected into the rectum through the anus.

Minor autohemotherapy: Approximately 2-5 ml of blood taken from a patient is treated with an ozone-oxygen mixture, and then injected into a human muscle.
Bagging: This method is used for long-term non-healing wounds and ulcers on the extremities. The affected area is surrounded by a special bag. The bag has an inlet, into which the gas mixture is supplied, and an outlet, through which the mixture is discharged.
Intra-articular: In diseases of the joints, a certain mixture of ozone is injected directly into the joint with an appropriate needle.
Vaginal insufflation: Based on the introduction of an appropriate ozone mixture into the vagina.
Ozone sauna: Delivery of ozone to the body through the skin in a ozone-cabin.

What Is Ozone Therapy Used For?

– Anti-aging
– Immune system support
– Non-healing wounds (diabetic foot, bedsores, infected wounds, scalds and burns)
– Viral, bacterial and fungal infections
– Pain management (muscle-joint pain, back and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatic and neuropathic pain)
– Chronic inflammatory diseases (autoimmune rheumatic diseases, diabetes, multiple sclerosis)
– Ozone therapy in the elderly (memory, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease – dementia, fatigue syndrome)
– Cosmetic problems (cellulite, chronic skin diseases, fungal infections)
– Weight loss
– Circulatory collapse and vascular occlusion
– Chronic fatigue syndrome
– Regulation of sexual functions
– Regulation of kidney function
– Stress management and support for depression treatment (sleep disorders and anxiety)
– Detox (removal of toxins)
– Allergies, asthma – bronchitis
– Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcerative colitis, viral hepatitis)

Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

– Clearer, softer and younger looking skin
– Accelerates blood circulation in cells and tissues
– Strengthens immunity, increases resistance to infectious diseases
– Strengthens veins and arteries
– Purifies the blood and lymphatic system
– Relaxes and increases muscle flexibility
– Treats joint pain
– Normalizes the production of hormones and enzymes
– Strengthens brain function and memory
– Relieves depression

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