Discover all about Functional Medicine in Nur Poliklinik in Istanbul, Fatih at the best prices, discover reviews about our certified doctors.

Functional Medicine offers personalized treatment for each individual

“Functional medicine” determines why diseases occur, looks for the true reasons of the disease and eliminates them. Nutrition and diet are at the center of functional medicine.

A disease can have many different causes, and in the same way, one cause can cause many different diseases. Nutrition and lifestyle, emotional state and genetic characteristics underlie chronic health problems. All these factors must be considered together in order to understand how to properly maintain health.

The main thing in functional medicine is the person as a whole, the doctor evaluates the influence of genetic, environmental, lifestyle-related factors on a person’s health and how they can provoke chronic diseases in this person. At the end of this analysis, a lifestyle plan/program is created for the individual to protect their health in the long term.

A different perspective on eating habits

We know that mistakes in eating habits appear in almost all life-long problems. By changing our eating habits, we can significantly improve our biological state and avoid health problems.

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