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▸ Hijama Treatment (Cupping Therapy) is the application of cups to certain parts of the body to create a vacuum and remove toxins and harmful substances from the blood.
▸ It’s a detox method that strengthens immunity.
▸ And for healthy people, Hijama Treatment (Cupping Therapy) is an effective way to protect yourself from disease.
▸ It is based on the principle of removing toxins and harmful waste trapped under the skin by superficial scratches. Also, the purpose of the procedure is to open occlusions and relaxing blood circulation, increase oxygenation in the area and increasing its feeding.
▸ This is the form of treatment that our Prophet Muhammad especially recommended. Hijama Treatment (Cupping Therapy) is a unique method of treatment without side effects, when it is carried out with the necessary hygiene rules, taking into account the condition of the person and the disease, as well as the relevant points.

“Hijama is Health”

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