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Phytotherapy is a treatment with plants, a series of procedures that have taken their place in modern medicine in recent years. Phytotherapy treatment has played a big role in every period of a person’s life.

Today, useful information about plants is combined with the possibilities of modern medicine.

Phytotherapy is a very effective method, especially in preventive treatment. In Europe, Phytotherapy is a popular part of alternative medicine. Doctors who specialize in this area are called phytotherapeutist.

What is phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is a branch of pharmacology, which is based on the use of medicinal herbs in medicine. The question, what is Phytotherapy, can be answered as follows: “Phytotherapy is the scientifically based medical use of plants and preparations derived from them for the treatment or alleviation of diseases”.

Since the 19th century, scientists have been researching active ingredients in plants that have active properties on the body. These substances were isolated and converted into chemicals (aspirin, cortisone, antibiotics, etc.). The advent of these drugs led to the decline of Phytotherapy in the west. Today, Phytotherapy is used for the treatment of many common diseases in Turkey.


Phytotherapy is an area that requires special knowledge. For this reason, not every doctor can be a Phytotherapeutist. To become a Phytotherapeutist, one must complete training in the relevant field.

A Phytotherapeutist must have a very good knowledge and understanding of plants. Herbal medicine training programs are quite common in Europe and are only gaining popularity in Turkey. Phytotherapeutist successfully treat various diseases using the full power of herbs.

Phytotherapy in Cancer Disease

The use of plants in the treatment of cancer has been practiced in the world for a long time.

Around the world, in addition to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the phytotherapeutic herbal treatment option is also widely used.

“It is the dose that makes the drug effective.” Keep in mind that if you don’t take enough antibiotics they won’t work, if you take too much they will poison you. For Phytotherapy treatment, you also need to know the dose and how long to take.

Phytotherapy is the work of phytotherapists who have undergone phytotherapeutic training. Phytotherapy, that is, herbal treatment, is an important assistant in the fight against cancer.

Herbal medicine helps support the immune system, increase the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs, and reduce side effects. Classical and alternative cancer treatments are effective when used together and complement each other.

Plants Effective in Cancer Treatment

Black cumin seed oil
Licorice root
Green tea

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