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PANORAMIC X-RAY: clinically, we would like to see it before treatment. It’s ideal for both you and your physician.
RVG in X-RAY (Digital X-Ray) is when many of your films are taken in a very short time and you can see them on the computer screen.

Why is a panoramic X-ray required?

  • Panoramic X-rays are necessary for diagnosis of unseen bruising, cyst and tumor in jaw and teeth.
  • They are x-ray films that help to make treatment planning faster and more completely.
  • It is an x-ray that the dentist should see before operations related to the jaw and teeth. Because these x-rays show the area to be treated broadly and increase the success of the operation.


What are the advantages of panoramic x-ray?

  • The panoramic X-ray provides early diagnosis of multiple tooth cavities, cystic and tumoral formations in the jaws.
  • The image of all teeth can be seen on a single X-ray.
  • Provides early diagnosis and treatment with the image of all teeth. This saves both time and treatment costs.
  • In our clinic, PANORAMIC X-ray is taken for each patient. Our experience has shown that this is ideal for both the patient and the dentist. In our clinic, this is given the utmost attention.
  • This practice, which is widespread in the world, will become more widespread in our country as well.

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